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Futurepast Issue 5 Available Online

This issue contains:

- Interview with Jason oS (a top class jungle/d&b producer that has a lot of interesting things going on)
- Interview with Ryan Hughes (curator of [RHP]CDRs - a CDR label that has been releasing some really interesting stuff)
- Interview with Rawganic (an electronic music label that is pushing some real deep music)
- Article on Vex'd, written by Hollow/Jas
- Illustration by Goosensei/Mat

Futurepast Issue 4 Available to View Online

Futurepast 4 contains interviews with:

- Justice (Modern Urban Jazz), for those that don’t know he’s been releasing loads of excellent music since the rave days and is still making really excellent music, find out what’s happening now and in 2013
- Burlish is a Dj based in the Midlands, he promotes a night called Movement and another night called Heard Not Scene. Both of his nights are pretty unique for the Midlands, something different. There is a movement night coming up on the 23rd December so if anyone is around Birmingham, be sure to check it out
- Deadwood is a music maker I came across through twittering about fanzines and exchanging music, he makes a wide variety of music: folk, noise, field recordings and ‘experimental’ type stuff. His music is really interesting and he’s got a few live shows coming up too

Futurepast Zine #3 Available Online

You can now check this out online over here:

Futurepast #3 contains:

- Interview with Chloe Harris/Raica from Further Records (, Chloe talks about her latest release on Further Records plus more
- Interview with LXC/Morphy (http:\\, LXC tells us about why him and Morphy started 45seven and their future plans for it
- Interview with Plastic Flowers ( and, I find out who Plastic Flowers are and what they are up to
- A review of a clubnight called 'Movement' - last week I was struggling to sleep and started checking twitter and discovered that Double O was dj'ing there playing Jungle and Detroit Techno. I'd never even heard of this night so had to go and check it out

I'm aiming to make the fanzines available online as soon as the paper copies have all been distributed.

Movement@PST, Birmingham UK

Another brilliant night organised by INWYK mastermind Burlish.

RSD was the highlight of the night, he played a wicked set with a good variety of tunes that kept everyone bubbling away. The system was sounding good too. My highlight was when he played this tune that had the vocal 'jump around because you have the stamina'. It reminded me of the old Jungle tune by Bizzy B and TDK (I think) because it uses the same vocal. That tune smashed it!

The local DJ's (Feva, Flo, Goosensei, Burlish) that played on the night did a wicked job of warming the crowd up, and then keeping them going after RSD.

Bring on the next one :)