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Music Research - January 2014

HELLOSince the end of 2013 I've really wanted to start working on 'Futurepast Zine' issue 7. However, there is a separate 'Futurepast Zine' project a few of us are working on and I wanted to keep the focus on that. At the same time, there's a few things I've been listening to that really made me want to 'put pen to paper', so I thought why not do a blog post instead.......

MIXESThere's three mixes that have been keeping me going that past couple of months. Anyone that is a friend of the zine on facebook will have seen me repost some of these mixes. 


First up is a mix by Gumsoul, it's on a beats/hip hop tip and it's unreal, absolutely wicked. I love the vibe of it, I've been listening to it loads in the car and at home. Recently I went to a night called 'Secret Walls' where Gumsoul provided the soundtrack for some Graffiti artists to do their thing on the walls, it was real cool. I haven't got a clue about the track …