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Rustee - Vykhod Sily

Vykhod Sily have been organising some excellent podcasts based on a dark electronica and 85/170 bpm vibe. Rustee runs Vykhod Sily which also operates as a record label too. Their first release was brilliant and they are due to be releasing their next release pretty soon (1st May 2018 I believe). Here's a short interview on the brains behind it all.... Rustee

FPZ: Tell me a bit about yourself. What is Vykhod Sily? Who’s involved, and how long have you been operating?

Rustee: Hi! I'm Rustee, Russia based music enthusiast, a dnb blogger and a podcaster. I have been running Vykhod Sily podcast since 2013, alongside doing the admin/content manager work for the project's social media groups. Vykhod Sily (the way the Force is going through in English) is primarily a podcast focused on 85/170 bpm electronica and everything dark electronica related at lower tempos. It's also a worldwide community of future-thinking listeners, dj's/selectors and musicians. In 2017 we started…