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Next Phase Records: "We want to bring out the music we love"

Robbert (Infest) and Leon (Leonux) run Next Phase Records - a label that has been releasing an eclectic mix of breakbeat driven music unrestricted by BPM. An impressive group of like minded musicians from around the world have helped to create the sound and direction of Next Phase. Here's an interview with Robbert, where I find out a bit more about Infest, and the latest release from Next Phase…..

I know you make music as Infest, and you run Next Phase Records which is your record label. How long have you been producing music and running the label?
I started out with music as a teenager in a Indie/Rock band with some friends when I was 15/16 years old. During that time I started to make beats too. In 2004 I seriously started DJ'ing and making Jungle.

Next Phase Records was raised after a long period of organising party's with the Pitchcontrol crew (2005 - 2009) and putting in long hours in my home studio to work on my sound. I always had the idea to launch a label someday an…