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Interview with Justice

For anyone who hasn't heard of Justice, he has been involved in music since the early nineties. His musical output covers a host of genres such as hardcore/rave, jungle/DnB, nu jazz/broken beat, house/techno and hip-hop/beats. Personally, what I find interesting about Justice is that although he has released some timeless classics, he doesn't rely on that success. Plus he's a really down to earth guy willing to give advise :)

The last time I interviewed Justice was in 2013 for Futurepast Zine #4. A lot has happened since then, so below is a short interview, and also he has provided an awesome mix to listen to:

Justice mix for Futurepast Zine by Futurepastzine on Mixcloud
FPZ: What have you been up to since the last time I interviewed you for the zine? I know you've set up 'Muj beats', how did that come about?

JUSTICE: MUJ came about as an outlet for putting out a beat tape that I was really enjoying at the time. It was from a friend of mine Nappa, who is a UK hip…