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Trash Comics Workshop at Rope Press

On Thursday last week I had the opportunity to attend a workshop at Rope Press. Rope Press is a book shop located in the Jubilee Centre in Birmingham. On my first visit I was blown away by what they had there. And they also specialise in risograph printing which is something I’m interested in. Sometime last year I purchased a comic from there entitled ‘Neon Noir’ which also contained a comic called ‘Dirt – The Debate’ which was written by Michael Kennedy. I thought that Dirt was unreal for a lot of different reasons, it felt fresh. It was Michael that was running this workshop on Thursday so I was pretty excited, but I can’t draw to save my life and I’ve never written a story since I was at school! Reece, that runs Rope Press with his partner Elyse, assured me that I didn’t need to have either of these skills.

2nd trash comics workshop went amazingly! Cider, hobnobs and crazy stories — Rope Press (@RopePress) June 18, …

Don't Believe The Hype

Something incredible happened last week. Something for the history books.
An event took place on Friday night last week (June 5th 2015), ‘Listening Sessions presents Rupture Vs Skutta’. For the uninitiated out there: Listening Sessions is a night that started over a year ago – the focus of the night is on local (Birmingham and surrounding areas) producers playing their music to an audience that’s keen on keeping their ears to the ground when it comes to underground music; Rupture is a club night (based in London) that’s been going strong for nearly 10 years, something to be respected because it’s no easy feat. They are an outfit trusted for representing the forefront of Jungle/DnB and they have a loyal fan-base that will soldier to wherever the Rupture crew are doing their thing; last but not least is Skutta – a record label that has been releasing some excellent music, they have a regular show on Jungletrain where they play their perspective of cutting edge Jungle/DnB.
One thing I’ve r…

Falty DL interview from Futurepast Zine #7

Falty DL is going to be in Birmingham this Saturday 13th June. And so I thought it would be nice for people to read an interview I did with him back in 2014 for issue 7 of the zine. Be sure to get down there early as a few of us will be DJing on the night too :)

Interview with Yilan

I first heard Yilan's tracks at one of the Listening Sessions nights in Birmingham, and witnessed a memorable night where he tore the PST Rooftop (literally!) with a set that featured mostly his own music. At the time, I was putting together a project (Agents of Disruption) and I knew I needed a track off him. Also, he is playing a set this Friday (5th June 2015) at PST in Digbeth so come and shake a leg because that night is just gonna explode - seriously! Anyway, I think Yilan is one to watch, you may not know much about Yilan, so find out and check out his mix at the end of this interview…….

FPZ: How long have you been making music for and what got you into it in the first place?

Yilan: I started playing in a band when I was 13 (2005). Originally I was on vocals/guitar and we played Linkin Park and Blink 182 covers. I started getting into electronic music in about 2007/8 through dubstep which completely blew my mind and made me fall in love with bass music in general.

I decid…

Interview with Headgear (Part 1)

I first met fellow Midlander, Alister (Headgear) at Listening Sessions (Birmingham, UK), and went on to find out that he has a pretty deep history in Jungle/DnB. From various chats and facebook posts I found out a lot more info about his involvement with music including the music he makes. This week, on 5th June, he and a few other peeps are putting on an incredible night at an incredible venue, so this seemed like a good time to be my nosey self....

FPZ: Who are you and how did your interest in music begin?
Headgear: My name is Alister Head I'm 37 and I'm from Birmingham. I'm a Drum and Bass / Jungle producer / DJ and go under the artist name HEADGEAR. In the 90's I went under the names Soundcraft (Tech Itch Recordings), T.I.C (Back 2 Basics), Threshold (Second Movement Recordings) and Logistics (Dubz).

My interest for music goes as far back as I can remember, I started learning the saxophone when I was 8 and picked it up pretty quickly. I knew then that music was …