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Bassline: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Music At The Back Of The Bus

Article written by Gareth Thomas (Night-Tracks)
Give the mix below a listen while you read. Tracklist is at the end of this article :-)

While the London media tend to focus on the "hardcore continuum", a linear progression from Hardcore, through Jungle, DnB, UK Garage, Grime and Dubstep, to wherever we are today, they very rarely tend to acknowledge that a lot of those scenes didn't die around the UK when the next step arrived.
In the south of England, London and Bristol especially, producers disheartened by the champagne and gun-crime brigade turned away from Garage and through sonic experimentation from the likes of Horsepower Productions, Ruff Sqwad et al, twisted it to fit their own visions. As chart-friendly UKG died, seemingly taking with it up-tempo vibes and girl-next-door vocals, the Midlands and north of England saw its underground cousin, Speed Garage, lumber on at the same pace it always had.
Through clubs in Sheffield, the famous Niche especially, Birmingham,…