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Rustee - Vykhod Sily

Vykhod Sily have been organising some excellent podcasts based on a dark electronica and 85/170 bpm vibe. Rustee runs Vykhod Sily which also operates as a record label too. Their first release was brilliant and they are due to be releasing their next release pretty soon (1st May 2018 I believe). Here's a short interview on the brains behind it all.... Rustee FPZ: Tell me a bit about yourself. What is Vykhod Sily? Who’s involved, and how long have you been operating? Rustee: Hi! I'm Rustee, Russia based music enthusiast, a dnb blogger and a podcaster. I have been running Vykhod Sily podcast since 2013, alongside doing the admin/content manager work for the project's social media groups. Vykhod Sily (the way the Force is going through in English) is primarily a podcast focused on 85/170 bpm electronica and everything dark electronica related at lower tempos. It's also a worldwide community of future-thinking listeners, dj's/selectors and musicians. In 2017 we st

More Music Reviews and News December

Wassup! I'm on a roll at the moment, and have some time on my hands and some real good music, so read on and support the artists. Don't sleep on this...... Calling the 160, Jungle, DnB, Dubstep, Techno crew. Here's some reviews of newish music and some links to some mixes to keep you going. Various Artists - FTP002 <a href="">FTP002 by FTP</a> This one's a strong 4 track EP. Every single track is great, and even though each track was made by a different artist there is a commonality between them, I think it's the rhodes-y type samples used maybe. As mentioned, every track is a stunner, but my favourite is 'Yellow Balm' by Thinh. It's a jungle skanker... smooth, rolling and full of melody. The track is an example of something simple but so effective, I'd love to hear more from this artist but can't find anything on bandcamp. Be sure to check out the FTP record label they have some r

Music Reviews December 2017

Hey... so it's been a really long time, but who cares :) Lot's of things have been happening with Futurepast Zine which I'll update you on shortly, but the main reason for this post is because I have been listening to some amazing music which I highly recommend and I want to let you all know about it, so here goes... if you like house, garage, techno, footwork, 160, dubstep, grime, 140, jazz, DnB, jungle, etc..... check these out : SPD - Fibre <a href="">Fibre by SPD</a> This is the latest release from Serene City Records who are based in Birmingham (UK), it's an album by the artist SPD. SPD has been making tracks for a good few years, I've heard his music at the Listening Sessions events, and he's also been kind enough to send me music to play when I'm DJ'ing. I haven't heard any music from him in a good while so I was excited to hear this album. It doesn't disappoint,

Tunes and stuff August 2016

Lots of stuff has been happening which I wanted to share, and also I've been listening to some wicked music too.... First thing is the new compilation that's been released by Futurepast Zine :) It's called 'Vibration & Frequency' and features some brilliant artists. It's available as a limited edition CDr featuring artwork from the infamous COYS1, and it will be available for Digital release too..... Some of the sonic artists that feature on this release you may recognise if you've checked out previous Futurepast Zine music releases - such as Hollow, Krytikal, Analias and myself Rawtrachs. New comers are Fushara (who has released some amazing music over the past few years), Illspirit & Mojolo (who have released some amazing music on After Hour Audio ), blacksix & FIRST AID (released music on Noisy Meditation ), Chemist RNS (released music with Chameleon Audio ) and finally Cat Therapist (who I linked up with at Listening Sessions - actually

Chemist RNS’ Favourite Compilations of 2015

2015 was an indescribably bass heavy year for the underground music scene, we’ve witnessed some historic releases from the UK bass specialists both old and new which have reset in granite the foundations of Grime, Garage, Bass and House.  With innovation and progression the name of the game we were treated to some truly great singles and EPs last year across the whole spectrum of sounds but nothing shows what a label and movement is about like a compilation, it’s a way of saying “This is who we are and this is what we do.” 2015 was the year where the humble “comp” has really come into it’s own so welcome to my favourite Compilations of 2015. Project Allout Presents Lengerz Volume 1 by Project Allout Records Buy Link: Stream Link: July saw the release of a truly insane 33 track, that’s not a typing error I said 33 track compilatio