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Tunes and stuff August 2016

Lots of stuff has been happening which I wanted to share, and also I've been listening to some wicked music too....

First thing is the new compilation that's been released by Futurepast Zine :) It's called 'Vibration & Frequency' and features some brilliant artists. It's available as a limited edition CDr featuring artwork from the infamous COYS1, and it will be available for Digital release too..... Some of the sonic artists that feature on this release you may recognise if you've checked out previous Futurepast Zine music releases - such as Hollow, Krytikal, Analias and myself Rawtrachs. New comers are Fushara (who has released some amazing music over the past few years), Illspirit & Mojolo (who have released some amazing music on After Hour Audio), blacksix & FIRST AID (released music on Noisy Meditation), Chemist RNS (released music with Chameleon Audio) and finally Cat Therapist (who I linked up with at Listening Sessions - actually I've linked up with a lot of the artists at Listening Sessions, so big up Listening Sessions cru!).

The compilation came about really organically, and while I was collecting tracks and looking at the artwork that COYS1 had created, it reminded me of some of the stuff on MoWax, and also the Metalheadz tin box album. There's a great variety of music on this release so go and check it out.

Recently I played some music alongside Hollow for a Chameleon Audio release party. It was unreal. And for me it was quite different because I've usually played a mixture of new and old stuff - this time round I focussed on the newer and unreleased stuff. And people really seemed to feel it. It was also wicked to hear the Chameleon Audio lot play a Chemist RNS remix of Krytikal's 'Tachi'....

A track I have really been enjoying from the Chameleon Audio guys is a track called 'One' by S3 Dubs. It's the tone of the bass, and then it gets switched into another bass sound ...the beats are minimal, and there's a little vocal - a minimal tune that creates a massive impact. It's got a heavy underground vibe which is a trait of the lot of music I'm hearing from the Chameleon Audio releases - watch out for these guys because they are coming on strong - you've been warned!

Another tune I've really been feeling is by a guy called HRMX (I did an interview on him a while back for the Listening Sessions website - This tune is called 'Blocs'. It's got such a wavey, slick, aquatic underwater vibe to it, absolutely damaging, great to blast it out in your car on a sunny day.

Next up is the man like Illspirit. His track 'Sundown' is slick and funky as anything. Styles for miles! Him and HRMX have both been releasing music steadily on After Hour Audio and on their own respective projects. This tune has got a jazzy flavour which I think is awesome, I don't like to compare artists but the vibe really reminds me of certain Lemon D tracks when he did funk and jazz inspired stuff. Keep an ear out for the After Hour Audio guys, they've got a great back catalogue.

About a month ago in Birmingham we had the City of Colours festival, and I had the pleasure of playing on the Rainbow Rooftop for Listening Sessions. It was a brilliant set up there, absolutely spot on. Nice decor, and a Funktion 1 sound system. I played a wide variety of music in my set, one of which was a track by Mandela called 'Cloud Battle'. The EP is really good, and is definitely one for the dancefloor - it has quite a technoey feel to it probably because of the pads, there's effected vocals, and I really like the beat, it's got a breakbeat feel to it.

There's a party coming up in a couple of weeks to celebrate the release of Joe Corfield's mixtape/album 'Transient Sounds'. Fellow Futurepast Zine contributor 'The Deviant' did an interview with Joe Corfield a while back for this blog so go and search out, he's also going to playing at this party too. Yalla put on some great nights so be sure to check this one out:

If you haven't checked out the album already then head over here: I did that this morning, and while I was browsing on their bandcamp page I came across this track:

It's part of an album called 'Drizzle' by Circa. I've never heard of Circa before, but I need to find out more, because this album is absolutely oozing in that 140 goodness. It's really really good.

While I'm on about 140 stuff, I've got one more 140 track to mention. It's by Trashbat, it's called 'Mountain', and it reminds of when he last played in Birmingham for a Listening Sessions party. For me this guy brings an RnB feel to the 140 bpm stuff. It's smooth, slick, funky, real good music, not much else I can write really.....

Right, so moving up the bpm's to some 170 stuff..... I've been digging the releases from Metro's 'Ortem' label. The most recent EP is by Books who's been making some waves. I have to be honest, I don't check for 170 stuff or DnB that much but I am really feeling the stuff on Ortem, and also you need to hunt out a mix that Metro put together about a month back, it's wicked.....

Final tune recommendation from me is by an artist called Slaine (I did an interview with him a while back, this track 'Glider' is wicked, I really like the melody of the grungy kinda bass sound, it's great for driving around in the night time :)

At the end of May 2016, I finally managed to get Issue 10 of Futurepast Zine completed. Unfortunately, I only have a few copies left and they will be going to the new Provide store which is now located in the Jubilee Centre/building in Birmingham. The cover for issue 10 was created by Trav ( and to celebrate we held a party over at the Dark Horse in Moseley which was fantastic. DJs on the night were residents Anjin & Hollow, with guests HRMX, Goosensei and Headgear (who I've also interviewed for this blog :); hosted by Natty D. Here's a few photos:

A photo posted by Futurepast Zine (@futurepastzine) on

A photo posted by Futurepast Zine (@futurepastzine) on

A photo posted by Futurepast Zine (@futurepastzine) on

A photo posted by Futurepast Zine (@futurepastzine) on

Because the night went well and there was some excellent music being showcased, Futurepast Zine teamed up with the Listening Sessions family to do a release a party for the 'Vibration & Frequency' album, here's some photo's and video clips:

A video posted by Futurepast Zine (@futurepastzine) on

I'm really hungry to do another little party, just not sure when yet! Also, got to mention a wicked party I went to organised by the Cache lot, they had some great visuals and the music was top notch:

And that is all I have to report on right now. I've got some cool stuff happening over the next few months but you know how it is - it takes time! Be sure to keep supporting us, it's much appreciated.....


watch this space :)


Oh, one more thing.... Listening Sessions fam are putting together a wicked party over at the Hare & Hounds so be sure to reach!

Oh, I swear one final thing, be sure to check out the Listening Sessions show on Brum Radio, and also the Brum and Bass show: these shows are playing lots of good music and doing good stuff, as are the countless other people out there which I haven't mentioned here - love to ya all, peace.