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Interview with Joe Corfield

By The Deviant
Joe Corfield is a local producer who I’ve had my eye on for a while, from him working with Beat Circle, Eatgood, and appearing wherever there was good hip-hop in the city. Before doing this interview I genuinely thought that he had been producing way longer, judging by the quality and consistency of his production.
He’s been working hard recently, getting deeper into crate digging for obscure breaks, and is now working with High Focus, one of the UK’s most respected hip-hop labels. 
I wanted to interview Joe to shed some light on what it takes in today’s massively flooded genre called ‘beats’ and get a snapshot of where he is now and where he’s going…

Joe, how long have you been producing? I've been producing for 3 years now, I started in college. Although before that I was always into making music of other forms. I understand you use a BOSS SP303, is that right? I sample everything on the SP404sx; I make the majority of my beats on my computer but sometimes on the drum…