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More Music Reviews and News December

Wassup! I'm on a roll at the moment, and have some time on my hands and some real good music, so read on and support the artists. Don't sleep on this...... Calling the 160, Jungle, DnB, Dubstep, Techno crew. Here's some reviews of newish music and some links to some mixes to keep you going.

Various Artists - FTP002<a href="">FTP002 by FTP</a>
This one's a strong 4 track EP. Every single track is great, and even though each track was made by a different artist there is a commonality between them, I think it's the rhodes-y type samples used maybe. As mentioned, every track is a stunner, but my favourite is 'Yellow Balm' by Thinh. It's a jungle skanker... smooth, rolling and full of melody. The track is an example of something simple but so effective, I'd love to hear more from this artist but can't find anything on bandcamp. Be sure to check out the FTP record label they have some really…

Music Reviews December 2017

Hey... so it's been a really long time, but who cares :)

Lot's of things have been happening with Futurepast Zine which I'll update you on shortly, but the main reason for this post is because I have been listening to some amazing music which I highly recommend and I want to let you all know about it, so here goes... if you like house, garage, techno, footwork, 160, dubstep, grime, 140, jazz, DnB, jungle, etc..... check these out :

SPD - Fibre<a href="">Fibre by SPD</a>

This is the latest release from Serene City Records who are based in Birmingham (UK), it's an album by the artist SPD. SPD has been making tracks for a good few years, I've heard his music at the Listening Sessions events, and he's also been kind enough to send me music to play when I'm DJ'ing. I haven't heard any music from him in a good while so I was excited to hear this album. It doesn't disappoint, every single…