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Music Reviews December 2017

Hey... so it's been a really long time, but who cares :)

Lot's of things have been happening with Futurepast Zine which I'll update you on shortly, but the main reason for this post is because I have been listening to some amazing music which I highly recommend and I want to let you all know about it, so here goes... if you like house, garage, techno, footwork, 160, dubstep, grime, 140, jazz, DnB, jungle, etc..... check these out :

SPD - Fibre

This is the latest release from Serene City Records who are based in Birmingham (UK), it's an album by the artist SPD. SPD has been making tracks for a good few years, I've heard his music at the Listening Sessions events, and he's also been kind enough to send me music to play when I'm DJ'ing. I haven't heard any music from him in a good while so I was excited to hear this album. It doesn't disappoint, every single track is exciting. Every single track would sound amazing in a club. The beats are interesting, the garage influence is there and it's what makes the music so interesting, some of it is quite tribal I would say. There's a couple of collaborations on there, one with Serene City honcho On1 which is a definite nod to that Ghost/El B flavour of 2step/garage; and another collaboration with Niall Payne who I believe is playing the trumpet on the track 'Repose'. This is one of my favourite tracks from the album. The build up is lush and effortless, and then boom a smooth b-line hits you - it's not a peak-time club track - this one is definitely a warm up/down type of track which sounds great in the car while driving around, waiting at traffic lights nodding your head to the beats.

Footwork World Tour: Stop 1 - Australia

This one is from Good Street Records that are based over in Leeds. It's a free one too so grab it quick. It's part of a new series of EPs they are releasing which will contain music from known/unknown producers from around the globe that are making 160/juke/footwork. The highlight for me is Green LEDs by B.O.O.M.A - It's got this kinda arpeggio trance-y sound in it which I really like and hits the spot for me.

D_Roots - If I Was

I found this track from following a fellow blog writer, Tariq (big up!). It's a lush house tune, it's great. One of those tracks that I think would get a party started - it's bouncey, deep, got a sweet little vocal in it, and bongo's (everyone likes to play their bongo's in the morning innit :) ). Such a tune, and it's free but not for long - I will definitely be watching out for more from D_Roots and the rtct record label. Get throwing some shapes.

DJ Yung Vamp - I Need More Blood

Something new from Radio Juicy. Hip hop with them stuttery trapped out hi hats, laid back samples and 808 bass. Essential for vibing out, getting into the zone, I've been caught at work snapping my neck to this so be careful.

Slaine - Hackers

If you're from the West Midlands (UK), like DNB and haven't heard of Slaine, then get to know. Slaine has been treating DnB fans over the past few weeks dropping a track here and there without warning. He's been working with Ray Keith from Dread Recordings and helping to create sample packs. This tune I love. I wouldn't even say I'm much of a DnB fan, but there's something about the track - the vocal effects, the baseline (which reminds me of Ed Rush and Optical), and the melody in the track. It's got a sci-fi vibe to it, feels like it would go well with scenes from Ghost In The Shell (the anime version of course!), and it's called 'Hackers' - instant win for me.

Pear Drops Volume 3 - Pear Drops

The tags for this are: 808, bass, electronic, grime, wave, Bristol. My favourite track on this is 'Warlock' by Filthy Gears - the usage of that sample is genius according to my ears, you'll be bouncing around like a bonafide gangsta in no time. There's 20 tracks on this compilation, lots of good music.

Eone - Parenthesis

Cinematic. Sci Fi. Breathtaking. It's wavy and smoked out, something for the late night listener.

Tokiomi - Secret Stash

Tokiomi creates two 20 minute tracks which are original tracks that have been mixed together. It's a great listen, parts of it remind me of Tangerine Dream and other parts of it remind me of Howie B's 'Music for Babies' album. If you like soundscapes and hip hop head nodding beats, I think you'll like this.

Bambra - Koncrete Jungle EP

Dark and industrial. Love the vibes in all three of these tracks - they give a nod to labels like Metalheadz and No-U-Turn in this release. Feels like it's something you'd hear in one of the spaceships that the Predator flys around in. My favourite track is Urban Survivalist, it has a great build up, tense atmospherics, and then boom these beats explode with a technoid mid range bleep - code red biznizz.

Chemist RNS - Alternative Architecture 10

3 tracks of 160/juke/footwork from the Chemist RNS. Some high energy, cyber-ghetto, 160 music with nice breaks, vocal chops, and relentless melody. This is the first juke release from Chemist RNS, watch out for him as he has a lot of tracks in this style. These tracks have had a lot of support from Sun People and other fans of 160/juke/footwork. This is the 10th release on Alternative Architecture which is a sub-label from Futurepast Zine. Big up the Chemist RNS! These tracks have gone down a storm everywhere they have been played.


A new 2 track EP from the After Hour Audio family, these tracks are by HRMX. I'm a big fan of After Hour Audio and they have been releasing quality music since they started, this 18th release shows the music is getting better and better. Smooth, funky 140 vibes - these tracks sound absolutely awesome in a club. Shouts to the After Hour Audio crew!

Yilan - Contortion/Exoskeleton + Remixes

Damn! The first release on the newly formed Listening Sessions record label. What a way to kick things off. The Listening Sessions crew have been holding tight onto this one, and for good reason! These 2 tracks from Yilan are absolute killa, and the remixes by Wooda and Krytikal are equally as great. I remember the first time I heard Wooda's remix of Exoskeleton, I think I might have wrote about it on this blog a couple of years ago. These tracks have really been doing the damage, love to all involved in this, and watch out for the 2nd release which will contain vocals from one of Birmingham's vocal soldiers - Natty D!

Ezra Collective - Juan Pablo: The Philosopher

A smashing EP from Ezra Collective. This EP has really made me fall in love with jazz again. I love the version of the Sun Ra track 'Space Is The Place'. It's a fantastic EP, and it's probably one of the most listened to EP's I've bought in a while. Whatever music you are into, I think you will find this refreshing for your ears and soul.

Headgear - Planet03 EP

This one's a must for the DnB/jungle breakbeat headz out there. Every single track on this EP is FIRE! Going out to the Birmingham cru dem deh! Boy does this tune bang, your feet will be skanking wildly to these tracks. Also included in this EP is the Headgear version of Krytikal & Goosensei's track 'Reach Out' - if you've been in tune to Futurepast Zine over the years - you will have known about this already from the Krytikal interview from a couple years ago (and probably heard it at various Listening Sessions events too) ...... oh and did someone hear a Double O remix????? sssshhhhhhhhhh :)


Ok, so the above are a few tracks which have been doing the damage at Futurepast Zine HQ, there are more which I'll hopefully right about next time. Coming up there are some big things happening. Firstly a massive compilation from the Chameleon Audio family:

It's due to be released on 24th December 2017, so keep your ears and eyes open for it! There's 30 tracks on this compilation, and it's a beast. Featuring artists like MoJoe, Chemist RNS, Jakebob, HR6, Sour F4ce, S3, Aranha and many, many more.

2ndly, there's going to be a new Futurepast Zine release entitled 'Until Venus Returns'. This was originally going to be released in February 2018, but we're going to push it back to March/April 2018. It will feature many of the artists who've contributed previously and more! There may be some sneak previews/teasers around before the end of 2017.

Finally, thanks for your time in reading this. Peace.


  1. I love you bro !! who just sits and talks about what they like withought trying to sell you an ideal !!


    1. Haha, thank you very much :)
      Hopefully more to come

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  3. pretty cool, Thanx for the support!


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