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25 Years of Techno Art > Dust and Grooves

Last blog post was in September…. it's kinda strange this blog thing, constantly want to write stuff for it, and also the zine… it happens when it happens!

So this time round there's a couple of books I really wanted to mention, so here goes!

First up is '25 Years of Techno Art' by Abdul Qadim Haqq (You'll have to forgive the crude photo's). I became a fan of Abdul's work from when I first got into Underground Resistance and saw the artwork that he contributed. I was really into the way the visuals worked with the music. A few years after that I stumbled upon a compilation album that he put together, Technanomicron (it was an influence for the 'Light of Day' cdr that was released last year). I was exposed to more of his artwork:

He's created visuals for Model 500 (Juan Atkins):

From reading the book, it's clear that those he has worked with hold him in high regards. His art has a very futuristic feel to it, it's beautiful, appealing and …