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Alexander Nut interview plus more...

Here's the interview of Alexander Nut that was part of Futurepast Zine #8. Remember, he's coming over to play at 'Futurepast Zine presents' @Club PST in Digbeth Saturday 27th 2014.

Also, here's a pic from our in store takeover at PROVIDE in Digbeth. Respect to Matt Nation for letting us do our thing playing some great music!


Futurepast Zine meets PROVIDE on the 20th September 2014

Futurepast Zine meets PROVIDEon the 20th September 2014.

Wahey! Some of the Futurepast Zine/INWYK DJs are going to be spinning a few tunes over at PROVIDE in Digbeth ( It's a bit of a warm up to when we have the man like Alexander Nut come and play at Club PST. We're all really excited and can't wait!

So come on over, check the vibe, hear some sweet music, see what the store has to offer - there's a few books I would love to recommend - oh and pick up the latest copy of Futurepast Zine too :)

See you there!

Enjoy our new podcasts while you wait….

Futurepast Zine September 2014 Part 1:

Futurepast Zine September 2014 Part 2:

6th September - It's been a looooong time!

Lot's has been going on with Futurepast Zine in the past few months hence the lack of blog posts. I've been writing stuff on scraps of paper so that I can blog it, but then I've ended up losing them - anyway, enough excuses!

Hear Me 'Hear Me' is something I've wanted to do for a while. I'm not sure if you've ever been in a library or a cafe and seen a book lying around - you pick it up and basically it's free for you to take. Once you've read it, you pass it on to someone else. I liked the idea of that and wanted to apply it to music, so I approached a few Record Labels that I'm a fan of to see if they wanted to take part - luckily a few of them did :)

I've left a few around in some random places, and also sent a couple out. The only response I've had so far is here, so if there is anyone out there that has these cd's - remember to pass them on!

Zine Hacking I'm not sure if this is something that's done before or not, but …