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6th September - It's been a looooong time!

Lot's has been going on with Futurepast Zine in the past few months hence the lack of blog posts. I've been writing stuff on scraps of paper so that I can blog it, but then I've ended up losing them - anyway, enough excuses!

Hear Me

'Hear Me' is something I've wanted to do for a while. I'm not sure if you've ever been in a library or a cafe and seen a book lying around - you pick it up and basically it's free for you to take. Once you've read it, you pass it on to someone else. I liked the idea of that and wanted to apply it to music, so I approached a few Record Labels that I'm a fan of to see if they wanted to take part - luckily a few of them did :)

I've left a few around in some random places, and also sent a couple out. The only response I've had so far is here, so if there is anyone out there that has these cd's - remember to pass them on!

Zine Hacking

I'm not sure if this is something that's done before or not, but it's something I've wanted to do for a long time. "What is 'zine hacking'?" You might be thinking. I interpret zine hacking as taking a magazine and turning it ('hacking') into something else - you might want to write over it, scribble on it, etc…. I see it as an opportunity to share thoughts and opinions that are prompted by reading that particular magazine. A part of me feels a little bit bad for doing because I sure as hell would not want anyone to do that to any copies of Futurepast Zine, but it's fun so what the heck :-)

Anyway, here's a few pictures of some of the ones I've done:

And here's another:

Half of these magazine are full of s**t anyway, so why not! Certain things really irritate me, to put it politely, and you can probably tell what that is from looking at the images above.

Futurepast Zine Issues 7 & 8

It has been a long time since a zine had been put together - October 2013 was when Issue 6 was created! However, I had been busy with the 'Light of Day' project earlier this year, and things happen for a reason! Anyway, here's what Issue 7 looks like:

The image on the issue 7 front cover was completed by regular zine contributor Goosensei (who's work was featured in a Birmingham Mail article!)

This zine features interviews/articles with Falty DL, DJ Trax, and Night Tracks. Also, features an article written by Matt Caulder who runs HandsomeZacks Recs.

As some of you may know, a few of us 'Futurepast Zine'/'INWYK' peeps thought we would put on a night and invite Alexander Nut of Rinse FM and EGLO fame to come and play some records for us. So we thought this would be a good excuse to do a zine to help promote the night. Here's issue 8:

You might be able to see that Issue 8 has got a slightly different format - it's an A3 sheet that's folded down to approximately A6, the zine opens up as you read it. This zine features an interview with Alexander Nut, and another article from Matt Caulder of HandsomeZacks Recs.

Futurepast Zine present Alexander Nut - 27th Sept 2014

So as I mentioned earlier, Alexander Nut will be spinning some good old vinyl at Club PST in Digbeth, Birmingham. If you're free that evening then please come and check it out. Support is provided by the INWYK DJs, you can hear what they are about in these podcasts:

And here's a flyer for the night created by Bears Art:

City of Colours

This is an event that took place today. I took my family along with me to spend the day there, and it was absolutely brilliant - it was great to meet a few familiar faces (and meet some people I'm friends with on Facebook but I've never actually met or communicated with them before :) ). The City of Colours festival took place in Digbeth (Birmingham, UK), the weather was great and there was plenty of great music, art, food & drink! I'm looking forward to the next one already!

One of the main attractions is the live street art. I was also really keen to go and check out the Listening Sessions LIVE session that took place around the pool in the centre of the Custard Factory. We didn't manage to catch all the DJs that played but I've got to mention Onira who played some great music which I was really feeling and enjoyed it a lot. Later at home, I read on Facebook that Wooda played and people started jumping around in the pool :)

Listening Sessions put on a night every first Thursday of the month at Club PST, even if you're not into making music it's great to just go and check out what people are making and what they are up to. I've met a lot of good people down there and I recommend checking it out - it's a community vibe and PST serve up some tasty food too.

I wanted to mention a few purchases I made during the festival. First up is this print by artist Imbue (purchased from Provide):

It's a screen print that's housed in a metal tin. The lid has got the following marking:

I don't know much about Imbue but for some reason I 'follow' Imbue on Facebook and he posted something about sending free stickers to the first few people that messaged him, I was one of the lucky few :)

Next up I went to the indoor market area where there were plenty of stalls to check out. I purchased this from Goblin Art:

There were plenty of items on the Goblin Art stall that I would love to have bought but I settled for this :)

I also purchased this T-shirt created by the one and only Goosensei:

The final item I bought was an illustration made by Moises Furtado of my 2 living 'zinettas':


And so that's it for now. Remember the following date for your diary: 27th September 2014 - Futurepast Zine presents Alexander Nut at Club PST in Digbeth. It would be great to see a load of music freaks being blessed by some great music! We all be going 'in' on our selections.