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The Light of Day

It's finally here! For those that don't know about this Futurepast Zine project, check out this video:

It's available to buy at Norman Records, Provide and on Bandcamp:

The Light of Day by Futurepast Zine This project started around autumn 2013. But the seed of this project was planted a few years ago. I'm a fan of an artist called 'Abdul Haqq' - he had created some stunning visuals for some of my favourite record labels (for instance: 'Underground Resistance'). He released a compilation called 'The Technanomicron' around 2008. It was a great experience to listen to the music and read the booklet that came with it - the CD was housed in a DVD case which looked really cool, and quite different from the standard CD cases. The album reminded me of buying records which had great artwork with them. I knew that one day I wanted to put something together like that.

In 2012 I went to a club night in Birmingham (UK) called 'Movement' at a place c…

May 2014 - Music, Interviews & News

Hello It's been nearly 7 months and there haven't been any new issues of Futurepast Zine! There's a reason for that though (not an excuse!). Some of you may know of a project that's been in the works called 'The Light of Day'. You can find more about it towards the bottom of this post. Once that project has been completed, Futurepast Zine issue 7 will be worked on - it's going to be absolutely wicked so keep an eye out for it.
I've been writing bits and pieces about music on scraps of paper and I've got enough now for someone to digest, so here goes. Please listen and read :-) ……..

Marc Mac - Tell Me Now (feat Marvin)It's Right To Be Civil by Marc Mac

This track features on Marc's album 'It's Right to be Civil'. The album itself is great from start to finish, it's almost like a documentary. My favourite track off the album is 'Tell Me Now'. It begins with the vocal: "I may be black but I am somebody!". Very…