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Listening sessions: Congo Beat The Drum

On the 22nd May, Listening Sessions & Club PST will be showcasing a documentary, 'Congo Beat The Drum'. It's an exclusive screening and there will be some live music on the evening from Kalbata who also directed the film.
This is something new for the regular Listening Sessions crowd who are normally used to hearing Birmingham's finest underground music. The guys behind Listening Sessions (Goosensei & Elkie) are doing something different and interesting and so I asked a couple of questions to find out how it all came about.

FPZ: What's the event about?
G-Sensei: I have been a fan of Kalbata's music since I first heard 'Ninja We Ninja' in 2009.

This was pretty soon after I started to develop an interest in producing electronic music and wanting to DJ. Then one of the 1st records I bought after I became hooked on vinyl was 'Play Music Selecta', out on Soul Jazz, and this was a collaboration between Kalbata & Mixmonster and featured Jah Th…

Music to Check Out

Here is a selection of music I have come across that I am really feeling. I keep telling myself I'm not into Drum and Bass and I don't really play much of it, but funnily enough a few of the tracks below are of that style! Please take the time to read and check them out…..


A few weeks ago I interviewed, Justice, for the blog and he mentioned a new MJAZZ release from Metro, Momentum and himself. It's a 2 tracker and both tracks are around 10 minutes long! 

LT10 / Intune by Justice/Metro/Momentum

I listened to them in my car on the way to work in the morning when the sun was shining down - it was the perfect sound track for my ride. Both tracks have only a handful of elements (breakbeat, bass, melody, sound fx), it's the arrangement of them which makes the tracks really standout. Anyone can make a 10 minute track and call it 'epic', but there is a skill in being able to do this well - these tracks definitely display that. They wer…