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Project Birmingham - Limelight 2

A few months back, Rob Ashby hit me up to let me know about something that he and a friend were starting. This something is 'Project Birmingham'. They are running a series of events showcasing Birmingham's creative talent and their second event 'Limelight' is taking place at 112 Space on the 18th July.  Their first event showcased a mixture of art, live bands, DJs and food. I was interested to find out a bit more as some Futurepast Zine family (Anjin and Hollow) played a few records at the first event and they reported back good things :) Tell me about yourselves? My name is Rob, and along with James Cronin I help run a cultural collective called Project Birmingham. Our aim is to showcase the best of Birmingham based artists, musicians and chefs. Me and my partners grew tired of the stigma surrounding the second city and wanted to show the rest of the UK what Birmingham has to offer! How did Limelight come about? What was the motivation for it? The motivation behind it.…