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More Music Reviews and News December

Wassup! I'm on a roll at the moment, and have some time on my hands and some real good music, so read on and support the artists. Don't sleep on this...... Calling the 160, Jungle, DnB, Dubstep, Techno crew. Here's some reviews of newish music and some links to some mixes to keep you going.

Various Artists - FTP002

This one's a strong 4 track EP. Every single track is great, and even though each track was made by a different artist there is a commonality between them, I think it's the rhodes-y type samples used maybe. As mentioned, every track is a stunner, but my favourite is 'Yellow Balm' by Thinh. It's a jungle skanker... smooth, rolling and full of melody. The track is an example of something simple but so effective, I'd love to hear more from this artist but can't find anything on bandcamp. Be sure to check out the FTP record label they have some really good releases that are full of variety. The other tracks on this release are juke, ghettotech and electro.

Slaine - Scattered

Slaine has released yet another single! He's definitely on a roll at the moment. On bandcamp I described this as: "Cybertronian technoid cyberfunk. The sound of doped up transformers stepping into the unchartered territories of their minds." This one's on a hardstep vibe. I'd love to hear Slaine make the music for a sci-fi film.

Bastard Man - Between Walls

Bastard Man has been making a lot of music over the past year or so. Nearly everything I hear reminds me of some of the releases that came out on Reinforced Records between 1996 and 1998, especially some of the music made by Aquasky and Steve Alexander. This release is a 2 track EP. My favourite is Stellar Blue. I think he plays his own drums too, his sound has been progressing over the last year and he's definitely one to watch in 2018 (and he has contributed a track to the next Futurepast Zine compilation which you'll hear about when it's ready :) ).

Khromi - Slow Waves

This is the first time I've heard of Khromi. It's a 4 track EP, the standout track for me is Julz. It's on a 140 chill vibe. I love this track. It will take you somewhere. A beautifully arranged track, I'm looking forward to checking out more from this artist.

Fredrik Astevall - Bean V2

Recently I've been working with a local artist, Kim Katrell who's been playing me lots of techno, especially the stuff made over in Spain and Portugal. It's really inspiring stuff. The label that released this track, Different is Different Records, are based over in Barcelona and they have been releasing some quality music (they've got a forthcoming release from Ken Ishii!). Anyway, back to this track, I really like the vibe of it, the sounds used (lots of bleeps), the melodies kinda remind me of Jeff Mills a little bit. You can get lost in this track, great for driving around in the car in the night time.

Akira Akira - Omoi EP

Another 4 track EP! Mainly on a techno tip which can mean anything so I would say it's not loopy, or full of strings - but full of different melodies. The track which I like is called Igikai - it begins with a drone and eventually leads into an echo of a ravey melody which then progresses into the 'dry' melody with less of the echo. Then bam kicks come in (not typical 909 techno kicks), definitely one for the dancefloor. I love the sound pallet used in this EP, it sounds very new and fresh to my ears and you can hear the influence of all the new styles of music that have been occurring in what the lazy music media call 'bass music'.

Illspirit/Rawtrachs - SF02

Here you've got a (free) 5 track EP that's released on Son Of Fission which is run by Illspirit. On this EP you've 3 tracks from Illspirit and 2 from myself :) I'm not gonna tell you how awesome my music is because that would be really weird. The tracks by Illspirit are stunning, I love the guys music - very  lean and chilled, feels good. You almost feel like your drifting away in space with his tracks, when listening to Unicorns I feel really relaxed and ready. My favourite from these tracks is Sowl. Late night listener biz.

Anna Morgan w/ Danny Scrilla & Sun People

If you like 160, check this. If you don't know these people, get to... this recording contains a short interview and mix. Big up Sun People (Simon/off) each n every!

SMMR160MXTP by Hertz Couture

This mix by Birmingham's juke master, Hertz Couture, is a summer mixtape but I only came across it this week. Great vibes from start to finish.

Rawtrachs Mix for Chameleon Audio

This one is a mix from me when the Chameleon Audio fam asked me to come over for one of their weekly sessions on a Sunday. I'm playing 140 to 160-ish, most of the tracks are made by Futurepast Zine family apart from the odd couple. Got a couple of glitches but that's life! Big up to MoJoe & Chemist RNS!

INWYK - Free Party Boxing Day - Birmingham

For anyone that's over in Birmingham (UK) over the Christmas break, come over here! It's gonna be wicked night with some wicked DJs, have fun figuring out who they are: