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Music Research - January 2014


Since the end of 2013 I've really wanted to start working on 'Futurepast Zine' issue 7. However, there is a separate 'Futurepast Zine' project a few of us are working on and I wanted to keep the focus on that. At the same time, there's a few things I've been listening to that really made me want to 'put pen to paper', so I thought why not do a blog post instead.......


There's three mixes that have been keeping me going that past couple of months. Anyone that is a friend of the zine on facebook will have seen me repost some of these mixes. 


First up is a mix by Gumsoul, it's on a beats/hip hop tip and it's unreal, absolutely wicked. I love the vibe of it, I've been listening to it loads in the car and at home. Recently I went to a night called 'Secret Walls' where Gumsoul provided the soundtrack for some Graffiti artists to do their thing on the walls, it was real cool. I haven't got a clue about the track list for the mix, but here you go, obviously I rate it otherwise I wouldn't be posting about any of these.....

Gumsoul is part of the 'Brum Safari' collective, they play some excellent music in Birmingham at 'Temple Street Social'. They run the music every 3rd Saturday of the month from 8pm to 1am - and it's free entry all night : )


Next up is a mix by Metro who is part of the MJAZZ (Modern Urban Jazz) crew. As stated on his Soundcloud page: "Putting the jazz back into MJAZZ and then some, Metro presents a seasonal blend of spiritual and deep jazz, some classics and a few personal favourites. ". Personally, my knowledge of Jazz is terrible, all I know is a few tracks and so this is a really good education on some quality music that you may not have heard before - it's definitely opened my ears anyway.

Pharoah Sanders - Greetings to Saud
Chico Hamilton - Nomad
Santana - El Nicoya
Birds of Town & Country (Dawn Chorus)
Dizzy Gillespie - In The Land of The Living Dead
Kool and The Gang - Wild and Peaceful
Earth Wind and Fire - Africano (Intro)
The Crusaders - A Ballad For Joe (Louis)
Roy Ayers - The Black Five
Marvin Gaye - T Stands For Trouble
Miles Davis - Sanctuary

Godfather Sage

The final mix which I highly recommend is a mix by 'Godfather Sage' who runs 'Noisy Meditation' which is a label I have wrote about in earlier posts on this blog. It's an excellent mix featuring some excellent music from Heny G, Blu Mar Ten, Nuage, Equinox,  and many others.



Last week I had a message from an artist named 'Fushara'. He sent me a few of his tracks that he has been working on and they are absolutely amazing. If I haven't heard too much of his music before, and I think the style of his new tracks are quite different to what he has made previously. I don't want to say too much about the tracks apart from the fact that I highly rate them and would love to have physical copies of these (i.e. vinyl or CD). He's put a couple of tracks on his Soundcloud page:

These tracks feel futuristic, I really enjoyed them and I haven't really heard anything like this before either. I hope you enjoy his tracks too.


NAIA - Now Awakening Into Ascension

"NAIA is a global experimental collaboration between vocalist Malena PĂ©rez (P-Vine, Objektivity) and electronica/bass producers FIRST AID, Stiver and Kian Asamoah. Moody, reflective and deep, the first release is a four-track downtempo EP infused with soulful, melancholic vocals, expansive chords and driving basslines. Thematically, NAIA explores the shadow side of human emotion while planting seeds of healing."

There is an excellent interview over here:

You can check all the tracks on the EP below:

And if you enjoyed what you listened to, you can purchase the EP here: There is a limited edition CD also available, but only a handful of copies available on the Bandcamp page so get in quick.


Justice & Metro - Solomon (Jason Os remix)

I've got a copy of this on vinyl and to be honest I never really checked it out properly. Then a couple of weeks ago I was going through a few records and I put this on. And boy! Oh my days, it's just a hot record. Instantly I was picturing scenes from 'Tron' and 'Bladerunner'. It's excellent and breathtaking. I don't know if anyone checked out the soundtrack for the film 'TRON' which Daft Punk did, it was ok - but it got me thinking what it would've been like if there was someone like Jason Os doing it instead - he would've smashed it!  Listen to this track to find out why! If you like this then you can purchase it for £1 over here: There's plenty of good music on there so be sure to check it out.

Also, the other side has an excellent remix by PFM which is also excellent, but it's the Jason Os remix that resonates with me a little bit more.

Saturn Never Sleeps - The Machines Are The Stars

I'm not going to act like I'm knowledgeable about 'Saturn Never Sleeps', all I know is that this track is wicked, it's slow, thought provoking, it helps me to relax and not think about the pressures of life, it feels like a dream. I think that's because of the vocals, they are dreamy. It's beautiful and I would love to have a copy of this on vinyl.

'Saturn Never Sleeps' is King Britt and Rucyl Mills.

Troumaca - Lady Colour (Bangatang & Gumsoul minimal dub)

This track is seeeeeeeeeerious! It's on the Brum Safari mix by Gumsoul that I mentioned above. It's a wicked track, and if you enjoyed it then you can download it for free:

I know sweet FA about Troumaca apart from the fact that they are Birmingham based and they've released an album on Giles Peterson's 'Brownswood Recordings'. So I definitely need to do some music research! : )



I really enjoyed this mix by Cubik:

Copied from the Soundcloud page: "The next to step into the Pigcast spotlight and represent are a Northern duo going by the name Cubik. These lads have a massive future ahead of them, so if this is the first time you've come across them, we can guarantee it won't be the last.
Undoubtedly talented and incredibly hard working, Cubik's unique sense of rhythm and groove result in sets whose numerous twists and turns will delight and enthrall even the most apathetic of listeners. The future is packed with a variety of releases and gigs for this duo, something that will seem blindingly obvious once you have a listen to the treats they have in store for you here.
Watch out for these fellas; they’ll be everywhere before you know it. And rightly so."
You can subscribe and download the podcasts…cast/id462818534

For anyone that read Futurepast Zine Issue 6, you may remember an article by DJ Law from . He wrote and article about an Omni Trio track for the zine. And recently he wrote an article about Omni Trio for his site ( It's an excellent read and there is a link to an interview on Omni Trio. Omni Trio made some excellent Jungle/Drum&Bass tunes, for the past few years he has been making classical music. I listened to one of his tracks on Youtube recently and it's really good, I think I'm going to have to purchase the album as soon as I can.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post. As I mentioned earlier I'm working on a separate 'Futurepast Zine' project which I will post about here as soon as it's close to finishing. It will hopefully be something interesting for you....

Peace, Love, Unity.