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Music That I've Been Feeling Recently

I've been listening to a heck of lot of music recently, some new and some old. Of all the stuff that I've been listening to, there are three labels in particular that have made me want to write this: 'Dirty Demos', 'Noisy Meditation' and 'Cambrian Line'.

I'm going to start off with an album by Guillaume Gargaud called 'Le Lieu'. It was released on Dirty Demos in June 2008 and is limited to 150 CDRs. I was lucky enough to receive one from Adam Baker who I interviewed for Futurepast zine and runs Dirty Demos. The album is great from start to finish, it is what I would call soundscape music, I'm not sure what else to call it. It's an album that I have listened to regularly while driving to work and back home again. I don't even know what exactly to write about it! It's very enjoyable to listen to and I think it's very accessible too. When I listen to it, it makes me feel like I am sitting deep in a cave somewhere and meditating. It's an immense album. I know it was released in 2008 but it is definitely one of my favourite albums for 2013. Some of the vibe of it reminds me of Massive Attack's 'Mezzanine' and '100th Window' albums - the sounds used are quite meditative, the feel of 'Le Lieu' is very organic and it's an absolute joy to listen to it really is. You can find out more about the album on the Dirty Demos webpage and there are some snippets of the album on there so feel free to check them out.

Next up are the recent releases on a label called 'Noisy Meditation'. It's quite strange actually because the music on this label is anything but noisy! The music released on this label is some of the most blissful music I have heard. The latest release by Noisy Meditation is called 'P.E.A.C.E' by Godfather Sage. P.E.A.C.E = Positive Energy Always Creates Elevation, and this is exactly how I would some up the release and the label in general, it is seriously elevating. 

A few months back my family and I went on a holiday and I loaded up my mp3 player with a load of tunes, and I was really blown away with the releases I had downloaded from Noisy Meditation, it's great journey music and really fitted in well when the sun was rising or when the sun was setting. There are plenty of good releases I would recommend from this label but it would take my ages to write about them, so I am just going to recommend one more:

Finally, I have been checking out a few releases from a label called 'Cambrian Line'. I don't know too much about the label to be honest, but I have really been feeling a few of the releases from their bandcamp page. I'm not even sure how to describe the label either as they have been releasing a wide range of music which I think is a great thing. I have really been feeling the releases on the house and techno side of things. Here's some of my picks (I'm still going through their catalogue though):

Aural Imbalance 'Toadstool'

Tobias Ruffler 'Second Time'

Some seriously magical music here.

Ok, while I've been typing this I decided that I wanted to add just one more :-)

Modern Urban Jazz (MJAZZ) have had a busy 2013, they've released some brilliant music throughout the year and to finish off 2013 they have just released an album called 'Works' and it is pretty damn hot :-) I think it's great they have released this at the end of year as it's a great way to close the year and begin a new one. The album consists of tracks which have been kept in the MJAZZ vaults that have not had a digital release, the tracks celebrate the 18 years that MJAZZ has been operating - that's a long time! If you have any inclination to breakbeats then I urge you to check this release by an innovative label: